At Nielsen, Finance and Corporate Development are core parts of our business. Finance associates not only assess financial performance but partner cross-functionally to help grow the business. The Corporate Development team leads the valuation, structuring and negotiation process for acquisitions, divestitures, investments and partnerships across the globe.

Current Openings

Associate Operational Controller, Nielsen Media

I was drawn to Nielsen, because it’s an industry-leading company dedicated to continuous improvement. I’ve stayed because I get to work with a dynamic group of individuals that represent a diverse set of backgrounds, skills and experience. This makes us all better as we progress toward common and individual goals.

John, Director, Pricing

Throughout my 17 year career at Nielsen, I’ve had the opportunity to learn, grow and challenge myself. I started as an intern and now am a director. This has been a tremendous personal and professional evolution.

Astrid, Director, Finance

Nielsen offers me the opportunity to interact with talented professionals across the globe. With business in over 100 countries, I enjoy collaborating on a local level and then leveraging those experiences to impact our global success.

Derek, Vice President, Corporate Development