Our Nielsen Representatives connect and build personal relationships with consumers to collect consumer data across TV, radio, digital devices and more.

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The coolest thing about my job is that I get to meet people that in other circumstances I probably would’ve never met. I get to be the face of Nielsen for our panelists. Every day is different; there is not a boring day at Nielsen, and I get to work with an amazing team.

Carolyn, Membership Representative

Meeting with and connecting with our panel families is the most meaningful part of my role as an audio representative. During one visit with an elderly person who can’t walk, I coached her on how to use the portable people meter (PPM). Then I stopped my time, made her lunch, cleaned her kitchen and had a chat about her life and childhood.

Jaci, Audio Representative

Since day one, Nielsen has provided me with the resources I’ve needed to grow within the company. The opportunities here are endless. Growing up, I always wondered how the television ratings worked, and now I help shape the future of television!

Matthew, Membership Representative