Our mission is to help our clients have the most complete understanding of consumers worldwide. By engaging and working collaboratively with clients and internal teams, Client Service and Sales are able to deliver actionable recommendations to help those we serve win in the marketplace.

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I love being part of a culture of doers. I’m able to walk into my manager’s office, pitch an idea and, by the end of the meeting, have a new project and senior leadership support. This is pretty rare in today’s corporate landscape—but not at Nielsen!

Daniel, Market Analyst, Continuous Analytics

Being a trusted partner to our clients is one of the most rewarding aspects of working at Nielsen. We’ve earned a seat at the table by making a real difference to our clients’ businesses. Creating these positive outcomes drives a strong sense of satisfaction at the end of the day.

Sean, Client Business Partner, Client Services

Since joining Nielsen, I have felt empowered to go outside of my comfort zone and learn new skillsets. My team has enabled me to build my own brand within Nielsen by exposing me to new challenges and by giving me the opportunities to lead projects with impactful client results.

Elica, Market Analyst, Continuous Analytics