“What attracted me to the Membership Representative role at Nielsen was how fascinating the company and its people were. I’ve never been so gravitated to see how much genuine joy and happiness this line of work brings to Nielsen representatives.” – Tao, Membership Representative, U.S #experiencenielsen

“I thoroughly enjoy traveling around the country, meeting people, and seeing places I never would have otherwise. All the while, essentially serving as an ambassador for the best company I’ve ever worked for – Nielsen! “ – Tyler, Membership Representative, U.S. #experiencenielsen

“The most meaningful part of my job is witnessing personal growth in the people I work with every day and seeing the satisfaction on their faces when they succeed above their own expectations.” – Frank, Membership Representative, U.S. #experiencenielsen

“I truly enjoy the fact that no day is ever the same. Each and every family is different in race, culture, and demographics. This position gives me the opportunity to experience various fragments of other people’s lives. We must realize that being invited into a panelist’s home is a privilege, in which they trust and invite strangers into their homes. This gives me a feeling of inclusion and respect. One of the things I enjoy is educating people about Nielsen, and making them aware of the power they have in being selected to participate in the TV ratings!” – Marquetta, Membership Representative, U.S. #experiencenielsen

“Qterics is a small team at Nielsen that creates solutions that manage devices like smart TVs. We use a wide variety of the latest technologies and platforms. For example, we architect our cloud solutions using a micro services approach and implement REST services in Java running on Linux compute instances. We also implement a software development kit that allows Consumer Electronics devices using Linux or Android operating systems to utilize our cloud services.” – Brian, Senior Manager / Engineer, Minnesota, MN #experiencenielsen

“At Nielsen, you never stop learning. The more you know, the more opportunities you will find to learn more. There is so much value in the people at Nielsen—everyone is so smart and has such diverse life experiences. By actively listening to my co-workers, I can quickly become connected to nearly infinite knowledge and experiences to learn from.” – Taylor, Senior Analyst, Cincinnati #experiencenielsen

“Since day one, Nielsen has provided me with the resources I’ve needed to grow within the company. The opportunities here are endless. Growing up, I always wondered how the television ratings worked, and now I help shape the future of television!” Matthew, Membership Representative, U.S. #experiencenielsen

“Meeting with and connecting with our households is the most meaningful part of my role as an Audio representative. One in particular is an elderly person who can’t walk. After coaching her on how to use the portable people meter (PPM), I stopped my time made her lunch, cleaned her kitchen and had a chat about her life and childhood.” – Jaci, Audio Representative, U.S. #experiencenielsen

“Joining Nielsen was the best decision I’ve ever made. Besides working alongside a fantastic team and in great work environment, being able to produce insights and identify opportunities that have a direct impact on our clients is so rewarding.” – Polina, Client Analyst, U.K. #experiencenielsen

“The most important part about working at Nielsen is that you get to work on all parts of a dynamic process. You stay connected with many teams that work on different things, and you’ll get to work on different projects yourself. Any changes that come in the industry you will get to see firsthand, which is something that not all companies can provide.” – Ronak, Associate Director, Sales Effectiveness, Indonesia #experiencenielsen

“Here at Nielsen and especially in Global Engineering, innovation is at our core. We proudly seek out opportunities to invent and be thought leaders. But that genesis doesn’t usually start in some elaborate way. It often starts with a group of diverse, cross-functional people having a conversation—perhaps gathered around a whiteboard or collaborating on a multi-country call, when that great beginning starts: “What if we tried this…?”” – David, SVP, Engineering, Oldsmar, FL #experiencenielsen

“In my seven years at Nielsen, I have grown into my role as a manager. I currently manage a team of talented and diverse engineers who work with cutting edge technology in today’s ever changing digital world. We run the platform that measures ratings on online streaming services. It’s really exciting to help our clients to see how many people tuned in to a new season of a show or listened to a new song on their digital devices.” – Shailendra, Senior Manager, Engineering, Oldsmar, FL #experiencenielsen

“Throughout my seven years at Nielsen, I’ve held many roles, and worked with manufacturers, retailers, and media agencies. I am now leading a team of eight consultants. No matter which country or role is your initial one at Nielsen, you will learn a lot and discover so many career paths in our company.” – Patrycja, Client Team Manager, Warsaw, Poland #experiencenielsen

“My experience as an ERG leader at Nielsen has been truly meaningful and enriching. The opportunity to network across markets and countries, driving the common agenda of encouraging our associates to ”’be themselves” at work, has a meaningful purpose. The interactions with the many ERG leaders across the world truly enriches my knowledge, value and belief in the importance of ERGs and the difference it could make to ourselves and to our colleagues around us.” – Joan, Talent Engagement and Development Leader, Asia & Lead, Singapore #experiencenielsen