Our team had an amazing time meeting and listening to women in tech at @anitab.0rg’s #GHC18. If you missed the chance to connect with us last week, you can learn more about our opportunities in technology at careers.nielsen.com #experiencenielsen

“The HR Emerging Leaders program has given me the opportunity to propose and run with ideas outside of my day-to-day responsibilities. I recently worked with a small team to create and plan Nielsen NYC Summerfest, an outdoor event at Governor’s Island for about 400 employees. Seeing everyone getting out of the office, enjoying the sunny weather, and connecting with other employees has been a highlight of my Nielsen experience.” – Sweta, HR Emerging Leader Associate, New York City #experiencenielsen

“Although I am honored to be a part of the team that administers the Global Support Fund, it never feels good to receive an email from an associate or their HR Business Partner notifying me that the associate has experienced some life-altering disaster. However, it definitely feels great to be in a position to partner with Nielsen Cares and the Benefits team, both of which are dedicated to helping provide associates with the support and hope that they need to make it through those tough times. In 2017 alone, the fund was able to distribute $63,140 in grants to 23 associates in need across eight countries. I look forward to all the help that Nielsen associates will be able to contribute to each other in 2018 and beyond.” – Wayne, HR Business Partner, Warsaw, Poland #experiencenielsen

“I joined Nielsen as part of an acquisition in 2011. The current part of my journey is with our Cyber Security team. The experiences I’ve had working with our world class technology teams have been extraordinary. Our industry would be hard pressed to find more talented and passionate individuals than our Nielsen folks, and I am glad to be part of the team.” – Mahde, Manager – Cyber Security Incident Response, Oldsmar, FL #experiencenielsen

“What I love about working at Nielsen is the flexibility to balance my career and home life. I am exposed to a diverse group of technology leaders and mentors who help me meet my personal and professional goals. Nielsen also enables me to expand my connections outside of the organization by offering opportunities to volunteer at our annual Global Impact Day and with American Heart Association of Tampa Bay all year round.” – Melissa, Director, Testing, Oldsmar, FL #experiencenielsen

“One of the main reasons why I accepted an offer to join Nielsen’s rotational Financial Leadership Program (FLP) was the company’s dedication and prioritization of corporate social responsibility. My passion for giving back to the community was something that developed during my experience at Siena College. Through FLP, not only was I able to cultivate exceptionally strong analytical, financial, and communication skills, but I was also able to engage in big impact volunteer work.” – Melissa, Senior Financial Analyst, New York City #experiencenielsen

“I am immensely grateful for my professional and personal experiences since joining the Commercial Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) about a year ago. I’ve had the opportunity to work with exquisite managers and teams, each teaching me about the work I’m doing but also about management styles. The program itself offers a lot of training and development, helping me constantly do better make an impact. I am most appreciative of the friendships made in the last year that will easily last a lifetime, and that’s hands down my favorite part of Nielsen and the ELP.” – Gabby, Commercial Emerging Leader Associate, U.S. #experiencenielsen

“When it comes to working flexibly, I like to mix up the location. Time in the office is great for connecting with the team. It is super important to have that time together, but I also like working from home. Lately I have also started working from my local library which is just a short walk from my son’s school and has the most amazing work spaces.” – Chanel, Associate Director, Retail #experiencenielsen

“Contributing to the growth of our client partners and engaging with senior level associates has been the key to my success at Nielsen. To see the transformation in our clients’ business after consulting with me and my team is great motivation and satisfaction for me.” – Remzi, Client Manager, Turkey #experiencenielsen

“Working as an Emerging Leader associate offers endless possibilities. My day is jam-packed learning about different businesses, technologies, communities and trends. And this program positions me to not only learn but to act upon those learnings and to make sizable impact.” – Jake, Commercial Emerging Leader Associate, U.S. #experiencenielsen

“The Emerging Leaders Program is a dynamic experience that has challenged me to grow professionally and personally in ways I never could’ve imagined. I didn’t know what I wanted to do after graduating college, but this program has allowed me to meet and work with colleagues who consistently inspire me and empower me to succeed. I’ve also had the power to shape my career path through diverse rotations where I’ve been challenged to adapt to different work environments and have opportunities to make a real impact within and outside the scope of my everyday responsibilities. Starting my career at Nielsen will always be an experience that I value.” – Grace, Commercial Emerging Leader Associate, Chicago, IL #experiencenielsen

“When I graduated from college in 2016, I was energetic, smart, determined and unfocused. I had a lot of passion for understanding human behavior and telling stories through data—but not a great understanding of how to harness my excitement and knowledge into something that was impactful. I was ready to jump in head first, but I wasn’t sure where to jump. Thankfully, I was recruited into Nielsen’s Global Technology and Operations Emerging Leaders Program as a Data Science Associate. This program provides 10 weeks of cumulative training throughout the duration of four, six-month rotations, which allow associates to experience different roles and learn more about the abundance of opportunities and data at Nielsen.” – Lauren, Senior Data Scientist, New York, NY #experiencenielsen

“The work I do at Nielsen allows me to learn something new every day. On the Assortment and Space Optimization team, we use a tool to analyze which assortment of products clients should stock on the shelves in order to make the most revenue. Learning how to use the tool has been one of the most exciting challenges, and learning how to analyze its results has reshaped the way I view consumer behavior. I am now more curious than ever to read, listen to podcasts, and speak with others about topics related to my work. Even in college, where I experienced a world-class education and studied fascinating topics, I never felt such a thirst to go the extra mile and learn on my own as I have at Nielsen. That’s when you know that your work is also your passion.” – Andrea, Client Consulting Analyst, New York City #experiencenielsen