“I am really excited about my new role. It’s going to be a great digital journey, and I’m thrilled to be part of the team that’s responsible for making dreams come true in India.
When I first joined Nielsen 20 years ago as an auditor, we used to struggle to get help on any data-related issues at store level, as there was no internet. Today, with the click of a button, we can chat with our managers and receive direct assistance when trying to understand an item or category. This ensures safety, support and knowledge for our people.
I would love to see all my colleagues using this technology, helping to make their lives better and ensuring the highest quality of the data we’re delivering. In Nielsen, we are virtually connected to keep growing!” Nagesha, Operations, Bangalore – India #experiencenielsen

“I love that Nielsen has afforded me the flexibility to create my own career…when I joined Nielsen, I thought I’d be here a year or two, and now I’m coming up on nine years! I feel like the most exciting part of Nielsen is the ability to learn a new business every few years if you are open and interested in exploring other parts of the company.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the flexibility to work on the Watch side with advertising agencies, on the Buy side with big retailers, and on the Consumer Activation team with financial services and insurance companies. All these experiences have been amazing opportunities to understand how companies are using our data. I feel like it has come full circle now being back on the Watch side working with television networks, producers and syndicators to bring additional insights and data-use cases from the Buy side.

The flexibility and growth opportunities at Nielsen have helped me become well-rounded and see the business from a variety of perspectives.” Amy, Client Solutions National TV, San Diego – U.S. #experiencenielsen

“My days at Nielsen have been a great journey. It’s amazing how much you get to learn about the company, the market and the people you work with. I’ve met many talented people in this organization, who have not only inspired me to make a difference but also challenged me to do things better and to become a better person. They cheer me up in the bad days and encourage me to have my own voice—they’re not colleagues but friends.
Working in Marketing and Communications has given me the opportunity to relate to several stakeholders and talk with them about so many different topics. It’s entirely up to you to have an impact on the organization, as well as yourself. I see the role keeps evolving, and my skillset keeps stretching as I move along with Nielsen. I see myself growing every day.” Van, Marketing & Communications, Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam #experiencenielsen

“We have a beautiful campus; I’ve pretty much liked it here from day one. My first impression was this reminded me of college—this is a big campus, and everyone that I met was really friendly. I’ve met more and more people the longer I’ve been here, and it seems like everybody really wants to help you grow. With this new job, everybody around me is more than willing to help me out with any question I have. The people are really nice and engaging.” Brittany, Digital Measurement, Tampa – U.S. #experiencenielsen

“I’d never be where I am today if I hadn’t joined Nielsen 18 years ago. I started my career in Nielsen as a janitor at Surabaya, one of Nielsen’s field offices in Indonesia. For me, it was love at first sight with technology…I loved helping our field team fix their broken devices and solve their IT issues.
As time went by and my contributions were recognized by leaders and colleagues, I was given the opportunity to become a permanent employee and moved to Jakarta, our main office. The opportunities provided by Nielsen have developed me personally and professionally; I keep learning, growing and looking for ways to improve our services to satisfy our clients and make my team happy.

I feel lucky. There’s never been a better time to be part of Nielsen than right now!” Juli, Data Acquisition, Jakarta – Indonesia #experiencenielsen

“My grandmother passed away when my dad was a little boy, and our family lost contact with all of his relatives. This deeply troubled me while growing up. So in 2010, I did an ancestry search and found dozens of cousins living just a few miles away from us. Since we reconnected, we’ve stayed close—celebrating special occasions and doing whatever we can to be sure that our family stays together.
In 2013, when I took the lead of our Diverse Leadership Network Program (an 18-month program for diverse talent) the goals were clear: recognition, retention and growth for our associates. But there was something else that felt really important too: relationships. I believe the relational component of the program is a key driver of its success—we aren’t just coworkers, we’re like family, like cousins.

Our family is growing at Nielsen: we welcomed our third class in December, and I’m proud to say that 100% of our alumni have new and exciting jobs in Nielsen. We recently graduated our second class, and 96% of them are already onboarding for their new positions. I can’t wait to see what’s next for them.” Natasha, Diversity & Inclusion, Chicago – U.S. #experiencenielsen

“I believe that the easiest way to make a difference in your daily work is to find the passion in what you do and make every day as pleasurable as possible.

Even when you know the day ahead may not be easy, begin with something you enjoy (a cup of warm chocolate, five extra minutes in bed and a morning run) and have the best possible attitude. At Nielsen, we have the fortune to work in a super collaborative environment where you always find a helping hand when needed.” Atenea, Innovation, Mexico City – Mexico #experiencenielsen

We’re launching a Nielsen portrait series to give you a view of current Nielsen employees: who they are, what they think and why they’re interesting to work with. We hope you learn from and enjoy their stories! “The most important thing is to have a voice. If something’s wrong, don’t keep doing it; say something and we’ll fix it. I think Nielsen is much more diverse than any other company I’ve ever seen. You can see the diversity just walking through the halls…you can see people from every single nationality. Such a diverse environment gives me the confidence to use my voice. Because valuing diversity in people means valuing diversity of opinions.” Marianela, Buy Chief Technology Office, Tampa – U.S. #experiencenielsen

“It’s already been eight months since I joined Nielsen, and it feels as if it was yesterday. Time has flown by. There is just so much to learn and to get used to. How can you get bored when you’re constantly working with, in person and virtually, lots of interesting people?
I am a very curious person and having the opportunity to freely use the many available resources feels like stumbling on (personal development) goldmines.
Working here has really been a fantastic journey so far, with many discoveries along the way. Whereas I would usually take time outside of working hours to develop myself professionally, with Nielsen I really feel like I am growing whilst working.” Leonard (@leonard.burger), Client Service, Oxford – U.K. #experiencenielsen