“I worked with other technical field representatives to solve new challenges that came from changes in the media industry, train new people and assist other areas with any leftover tasks. I then started to feel I was ready to advance. I applied for an opportunity to move into my current role on the Engineering team and was extended an offer. I was a little intimidated by the skill and expertise of my new teammates, but my upbringing, experience in the military, the field, and my technical school degree helped my confidence. In this role, I am accountable for measuring the quality improvements that went into the technology that helped Nielsen win their first Emmy, and since then, we have won more awards.” – Ameyon, Program Manager, Oldsmar, Fla. #experiencenielsen

“The International Delivery Center (IDC) has provided me the structure and opportunities that enable me to grow to a management level. I’ve learned to take calculated risks, apply new ideas, drive initiatives, and create value within my team. The cherry on the cake is that I have the chance to work internationally and connect with different cultures, allowing me to travel without leaving my office!” – Alann, Production Manager, Portugal #experiencenielsen

“It is a privilege to be a veteran and a Technical Manager/Scrum Master at Nielsen. I am and continue to be part of a great organization and team that allows me the opportunity to mentor, coach and provide support to our valued customers around the world.” – Ruben, Technical Manager and Scrum Master, Oldsmar, FL #experiencenielsen

“Having served in the military, it was evident from the start that Nielsen understood and valued how my Coast Guard experience would transfer into our corporate setting. As a member of Nielsen’s Local TV Client Solutions team, I am dedicated to helping my clients navigate the traditional and evolving TV landscape. Each day is different and challenges me to deliver the best solutions to my clients.” – Michael, Account Manager, New York City #experiencenielsen

“Through the Commercial Emerging Leaders program, we are offered the unique opportunity to take on side projects that allow us to use our skills and expertise to make a viable impact across the company. For our project, we connected with Julia, Director of Global Responsibility and Sustainability at Nielsen, and worked on a report that reinforces the case that sustainability does help product sales grow.” – Rika and Esra, Commercial Emerging Leader Associates, New York and California #experiencenielsen

“I’ve been with Nielsen for little over eight years. In this time, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry, who are dedicated to their work and the overall success of Nielsen. Coupled with this I’ve been lucky to lead an innovative and collaborative organization, focused on leveraging the latest technology solutions to drive the future of our business.” – Tejas, VP, Technology, Chicago, IL #experiencenielsen

“In my journey with Nielsen BASES, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a best-in-class framework for brand innovation. In my three-and-a-half years here, I’ve worked with different clients and across multiple categories. I’ve also developed my selling skills and have the opportunity to do what I like. Now, I have moved into a commercial role, and I am continuing to grow my career.” – Himanshu, Senior Manager, Innovation, Mumbai #experiencenielsen

“I first discovered Nielsen through the Nielsen Academy that was launched in my university during senior year. This consequently changed the tangent of my future, and now I’m an Operations Academy Graduate Program (OAGP) associate where I can be myself, and continue growing. What you see behind me is the launch event of the second Nielsen Academy, where I am a part of ushering another generation into the experience that changed my life. A true full circle experience! ” Dalila Yaser, OAGP Associate, Cairo, Egypt #experiencenielsen

“I recently returned to Nielsen after 10 years away. While I greatly valued the experience and the exposure into how our clients operate, I found myself longing to return. As luck had it, I was able to connect with Mahipal, Nielsen’s Chief Human Resources Officer in South Asia, during the 2017 Nielsen Alumni Week. This conversation kick-started my comeback journey.” -Jayant, Director, Client Business Partnerships, Mumbai, India #experiencenielsen

We would love to share with you the reasons why we find our life at Nielsen so exciting: everyday it’s a new opportunity to make a new connection. People at Nielsen are very open which makes easier to find someone to help you to think outside of the box, learn about a new analysis or simply have a great cup of coffee. It’s the personal engagement that leads to a connection with the business in a useful way. So, what we appreciate most at Nielsen’s office is: no matter what, you can always count on people around you to gather all their expertise to do what we do best: guide our clients to deeply understand their consumer, providing actionable and valuable insights! After all, this is how we make a difference on what’s next! Bruno Achkar, Account Executive, and Tatiene Vale, Associate Manager, Brazil #experiencenielsen

“As an Emerging Leader Associate at Nielsen, I am constantly encouraged to break down barriers, question already established processes, think deeply and critically about our clients’ most pressing business needs, and take proactive action on those challenges, all while working cohesively across job functions to deliver results above the threshold of what is expected.” – Elise, Commercial Leader Associate, New York City #experiencenielsen

Kelly Abcarian, SVP, Product Leadership, takes a break from #AWNewYork to talk to http://nlsn.co/6172D445C. #experiencenielsen