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Designation: Senior Manager/Manager

Location: Gurgaon

Unit: Marketing Effectiveness (Nielsen Online)

Main Accountabilities:

Maintain a client service orientation. Manage day-to-day administration of client service / sales activities and coordinating on analysis and reporting of assigned research projects.

§ Enable fulfilment of client deliverables

§ Questionnaire preparation / Information area coverage as per proposal

§ Fielding of the same

§ Analysis Plan; Analysis and Interpretation

§ Presentation of findings

§ Understand and implement all internal processes

§ Maintain accurate, complete, up-to-date client business profiles to be shared with senior management

§ Serve as primary contact to junior level client contacts on ad-hoc analyses and understand and respond to questions on content, basic data issues/questions, report generation, etc.

§ Assist senior staff in delivering quality services to clients and ensure the services provided to clients are timely and precise according to client business needs and specifications and at the same time meeting the company’s quality standards

§ Assist in sales activities in conjunction with senior staff in terms of preparation of proposal and credential presentations

§ Provide “in office” research, administrative and operational support to senior staff