With over 550 employees in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin and Düsseldorf, we live and work in an open, collaborative and diverse culture. Change and continuous learning are part of our daily life. Our ambition is for our employees to develop in roles where they can truly grow and make difference.

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EU People Experience Regional Leader – Human Resources

During my 11 years with Nielsen, my biggest motivator has always been the freedom to seize new opportunities, develop my own ideas and bring them to life.

Sandra, Senior Manager Consumer und Media Insights

Nielsen is a fantastic place to start your career. The ‘Young Professionals Program’ is a great onboarding opportunity that offers continuous development, excellent trainings and personal guidance from experienced consultants. The company’s open culture and dedicated teams allow me to make real changes!

Patricia, Sales Consultant

Nielsen offers a tremendous amount of possible career paths and opportunities of self-development. However, the thing I appreciate the most about Nielsen is its people! We inspire each other, and that’s a core part of our culture and company.

Ingo, Sales Manager