In the Danish open space office in Hellerup, our 90 employees are part of a diverse culture with professional and friendly colleagues. Our focus is on well-being and teamwork

Current Openings

At Nielsen, you always have the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, learn something new, meet new people and live in new countries. You also have the opportunity to evolve, progress and develop. Nielsen offers a whole world of opportunities.

Stevan, Senior Client Executive

The flexibility in terms of individual development is what I value the most about Nielsen. The diversity of topics and colleagues provide me with the opportunity to constantly improve my own competencies, promote effective communication among my team, and develop problem-solving skills.

Nanna, Client Executive

Nielsen as a company is one big open window of growth and development opportunities. Our unique way of providing value to our clients is based on our culture and 90 years of history, and this gives us a high level of confidence when meeting clients.

Rasmus, Nordic Leader, Retailer Analytics