With over 170 employees in Belgium, we are proud of our culture of collaboration, continuous learning and growth opportunities. Within our teams, we emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusion because we know how important they are for our growth, strength and ability to innovate.

Current Openings

At Nielsen, I have the opportunity to directly contribute to the company. My work has a real impact and makes our clients happy. I’ve also been able to take on new projects, which have helped me face new challenges and develop my analytical and client relationship skills.

 Clémentine, Client Response Executive

Being part of a global company has shown me that diversity is about all of us working together to reach our objectives. As a team we share, learn and grow in our professional and personal lives.

Edgar, Process Consultant

In the more than 10 years I’ve been working at Nielsen, I have had a lot of exciting challenges in a good atmosphere. There is a real team spirit! We are not only working at Nielsen, we are Nielsen!

Stéphanie, Client Response Team Supervisor