Nielsen Indonesia is headquartered in the central business district of Jakarta, with multiple offices located across Indonesia. Our more than 1,000 employees hail from different backgrounds, ethnic groups and cultures. Just like our nation motto, “Unity in Diversity,” we are proud of our unique, diverse culuture while working together as one Nielsen.

Current Openings

This is my sixth year with Nielsen Indonesia, and I still feel the same way as the first moment I joined—that Nielsen is a good place to work. The learning opportunities are massive, and this has contributed to my continuous development.

Oclynes, Senior Executive, Operations & Technology

Nielsen is a fun place to work, where you can be you and not be judge by others. Nielsen gives you lots of freedom where you can express yourself, contribute and add value to the company in your own unique ways.

Irvan, Senior Executive, Retailer Services Unit

Nielsen is full of open-minded, passionate and creative people. With good collaboration and synergy among employees, a lot of new initiatives have had positive outcomes for individuals, the company and, most importantly, for our clients.

Novi, Senior Manager, Research Project Management