Returning to Nielsen after 10 Years

Jayant is a director on our client business partnerships team in Mumbai, India. He recently returned to Nielsen after spending 10 years working with other companies. He now drives engagements with leading global brands in India. He plans to leverage the strategic business outlook he’s developed over the course of his career to help drive long-term growth at Nielsen.

I recently returned to Nielsen after 10 years away. While I greatly valued the experience and the exposure into how our clients operate, I found myself longing to return. As luck had it, I was able to connect with Mahipal, Nielsen’s Chief Human Resources Officer in South Asia, during the 2017 Nielsen Alumni Week. This conversation kick-started my comeback journey.

During my time away, I expanded my skills in research, sales and client servicing, and I was able to lead accounts with clients in industrial marketing verticals. I was able to appreciate many of the business challenges that our clients face. I am especially proud that in my last assignment, we grew our revenues by over five times in five years and also won seven partnership awards from our customers. While we had our fair share of challenges and  headwinds, our commitment to partnership and helping our clients win in the market was unchangedthe basics I learned when I started off at Nielsen. This shows that revenue growth is not just a function of client satisfaction but that of client success.

Many of the principles that I learned at Nielsen in my formative years were instrumental in defining my success. Integrity, collaboration and creativity picked up in my initial years at Nielsen were the foundation of my career. All of these were very helpful in the different hats I’ve donned. The motto of Grow With Us at Nielsen has given me a renewed sense of purpose in building my long-term career with the company.  

Since returning, I have found Nielsen’s culture as open, vibrant and collaborative as it was when I first joined. Although 10 years is a long time, a lot has not changed. We are still keen to collaborate across our practices to bring a “one Nielsen” perspective, to  help our clients succeed. If I could pinpoint just one word that for me encompasses so much that is right about Nielsen, it would be diversity. Diversity brings in fresh perspectives and widens our horizons as different lenses make our vision richer. It is the foundation of creative problem solving, and our clients appreciate it quite a lot as their teams too are tasked to drive the same growth.

I am proud to work in a company that operates with passionate and receptive leaders, with colleagues who respect each other and are keen to make a difference, and with people who are committed to working in smarter and flexible ways. At Nielsen, there is a strong emphasis on the well-being  of the team members, and a much-needed work-life balance. I’m excited about my future with Nielsen. As a firm believer that revenue targets are an outcome of customer success and not just customer satisfaction, I think we are poised to create winning solutions that impact the end consumers across the markets in which  we operate. I look forward to a rewarding journey at Nielsen.