Launching the Nielsen Global Support Fund

Wayne is a Human Resources Business Partner for our Global Operations team, based in Warsaw, Poland. During his first year of our Emerging Leaders Program, he helped launch the Global Support Fund, a program that lets associates apply for grants in times of personal hardship or natural disaster, as well as donate to fellow associates in need.

I first started working on the implementation project team for the Global Support Fund in July of 2015 when I joined Nielsen as an HR Emerging Leader. It was the focus of my first rotation with the Global Compensation and Benefits team. I’ve always been passionate about public service and philanthropy, so it is no surprise that what started off as a rotation project turned into a +1 assignment that I just couldn’t let go of.

When I think of the Global Support Fund, the first thing that comes to mind is our company value “Personal.” Although the Global Support Fund did not officially launch until 2016, we found that our associates had already been taking a personal stake in the lives of their fellow associates who had been dealing with personal hardships and disasters. Those associates would organize charity events and drives just to help associates who needed a helping hand, even if they didn’t know them personally. My team and I launched the Global Support Fund so that we could provide a global platform that was built and maintained by our associates, for our associates.

Although I am honored to be a part of the team that administers the Global Support Fund, it never feels good to receive an email from an associate or their HR Business Partner notifying me that the associate has experienced some life-altering disaster. However, it definitely feels great to be in a position to partner with Nielsen Cares and the Benefits team, both of which are dedicated to helping provide associates with the support and hope that they need to make it through those tough times. In 2017 alone, the fund was able to distribute $63,140 in grants to 23 associates in need across eight countries. I look forward to all the help that Nielsen associates will be able to contribute to each other in 2018 and beyond.