Flexibility and Opportunities for Growth at Nielsen

Andrea is a Client Consulting Analyst for our Sales Effectiveness team and is based in New York City. Andrea shares how Nielsen allows her to be flexible and obtain opportunities for learning and development.

Growing up as a first-generation Bulgarian-American, I was always taught that what you do for a living is a means of survival, and as such, it leaves little room for things like passion, balance and happiness. But at Nielsen, I have found that these elements of personal freedom not only existthey thrive. Nielsen actively trusts its employees by offering flexibility and opportunities for personal growth.

Every day I wake up excited to go to work, and when I tell this to my friends, I watch their eyebrows raise. At first I would laugh off their surprised expressions, but the more I’ve been with Nielsen, the more I stop to think about the unique amount of care the company invests in its employees. Since joining the team as a Buy Analyst, I have found happiness in every corner of our office’s halls, and I have spent some time explaining why this is the case to my friends. Here’s what I typically say:

  • Going through job recruitment in college, my biggest frustration was that I would often have to change aspects of myself in order to “fit in” to a company’s culture. I confided in a friend that I just wanted to be able to wear my polka dot skirt and talk about my love of mitochondria instead of acting like this serious, straight-laced student whose biggest resume hook is being proficient in MS Excel. At Nielsen, I don’t have to make any sacrifices. I can truly be myself, in every sense. I can wear a nose piercing and dye my hair blue! I can wear polka dots, or stripes, or my T-Rex necklace. I can even start a Nielsen improv group in my office. Nielsen is a place where your background doesn’t matter. Anyone can fit in because there is no mold. And the diversity of perspectives and ideas makes working with my team all the more exciting.
  • Nielsen’s working hours also really set the company apart. I have friends who stay in their offices until 9 p.m., 10 p.m., and sometimes midnight. There’s no room for balance in that kind of schedule. At Nielsen, I work very healthy hours that allow me to go home and cook for the night, take a dance class, or walk around the park. This allows me to sleep soundly and wake up well rested enough to jump out of bed excited for the day. And when I have to stay later some days, I am thrilled to take on the work because I feel grateful to my team and company for investing in my happiness every day.
  • The work I do at Nielsen allows me to learn something new every day. On the Assortment and Space Optimization team, we use a tool to analyze which assortment of products clients should stock on the shelves in order to make the most revenue. Learning how to use the tool has been one of the most exciting challenges, and learning how to analyze its results has reshaped the way I view consumer behavior. I am now more curious than ever to read, listen to podcasts, and speak with others about topics related to my work. Even in college, where I experienced a world-class education and studied fascinating topics, I never felt such a thirst to go the extra mile and learn on my own as I have at Nielsen. That’s when you know that your work is also your passion.

I found that at Nielsen, there are no sacrifices: I get to do what I love, get paid to do it, and I don’t have to give up those little things (like cooking and dancing) that make me happy. That to me is the American dream.