Supporting Growth through Innovation

David is SVP of Engineering, based in our Global Technology and Innovation Center in Oldsmar, Fla.. David shares how our patent program promotes, incentivizes and supports growth.

Being part of a team that solves complex problems inspires me.

Here at Nielsen and especially in Global Engineering, innovation is at our core. We proudly seek out opportunities to invent and be thought leaders. But that genesis doesn’t usually start in some elaborate way. It often starts with a group of diverse, cross-functional people having a conversation—perhaps gathered around a whiteboard or collaborating on a multi-country call, when that great beginning starts: “What if we tried this…?”

No matter where that spark starts, sometimes something extremely unique emerges—whether it be a new piece of technology or even a new way to apply a concept. And that’s where Nielsen takes it to a whole new level with our Patent Program. We are lucky to have a strong support system with our Intellectual Property (IP) staff at the ready to help guide us. I’ve worked at other technology companies, and while they had pockets of innovation, the investment in the patent process just wasn’t there. Nielsen guides us through the process, including the patent application and submission.

My advice to all potential inventors: Don’t be intimidated. I would like to personally encourage everyone at Nielsen who solves problems and develops interesting systems to reach out to our IP team. Take that first step—and who knows, you might be on a stage one day accepting your first patent award.