Growing my Career Through Nielsen’s Employee Resource Groups

Enrique is a Director for Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience, based in Cincinnati, OH. He also co-leads our Hispanic Organization Leaders in Action (HOLA) employee resource group (ERG), and shares how being involved has helped him grow his career.

One of the most gratifying parts of working at Nielsen is being part of an ERG; I have the honor of working as co-lead of the Hispanic Organization of Leaders in Action (HOLA) ERG for the Central region in the U.S. This experience has allowed me to expand my network with departments that I usually have no day-to-day interaction with, and it provides me visibility and time with senior and C-level executives both within Nielsen and from other companies. It all requires commitment and time; but whatever I put in, I know I will collect tenfold.

One important aspect of leading an ERG is keeping members engaged; education/engagement is one of the four pillars of our ERGs at Nielsen. For HOLA, we do this through events and meaningful activities. These require planning, which gives the opportunity to work with other ERG leaders and regions. When I met many of them at the Hispanic Employee Forum, I felt we were longtime friends, and now whenever we coincide in a particular project, or I see their names in an email, I trust them and know we have each other’s back.

My favorite part of co-leading an ERG is how it allows me to make an impact in my community; community outreach is another goal of our ERGs. Last year I attended local Chamber of Commerce events along with other major companies, and I was amazed to see how Nielsen leads in terms of diversity. One of my most rewarding moments of last year was attending a diversity and inclusion workshop event hosted by another company, and sitting down with leaders from the community and companies to discuss strategies.

I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and to our company for its commitment to diversity and inclusion. I urge everyone to join and participate in an ERG and complement your professional growth; the impact it has can’t be underestimated.