Leading Nielsen’s Multicultural Organization Supporting an Inclusive Culture (MOSAIC) Employee Resource Group

Petra is a global auditor, based in our Oxford, U.K. office. Petra also leads MOSAIC, the first employee resource group (ERG) that originated in the U.K. Petra shares what it’s like being an ERG leader, and the development opportunities she’s received from getting involved in an ERG.

Being an ERG leader is one of the most exciting experiences I’ve come across at Nielsen. It has given me the opportunity to learn and fully understand the importance of ERGs internally and externally as well as the impact we make on our associates in terms of promoting diversity and inclusion.

MOSAIC (Multicultural Organization Supporting An Inclusive Culture) was the first ERG created in Europe that didn’t exist in another market already. We launched in April 2017 in the Oxford office in the U.K. Since then, four countries have also launched MOSAIC, and there are more planned in 2018. Without the incredible team of colleagues and executive sponsors supporting MOSAIC, it would have been impossible to gain as much success.

We are also collaborating with other ERGs in the U.K. We decided to host joint events and roadshows to create an even greater impact and increase awareness of our ERGs with the full support of our senior management. This underlines the significance of the work we all put in and shows Nielsen’s commitment to diversity.

I am in the Global Internal Audit team, which allows me to travel to other Nielsen offices around the world. Therefore, I can engage with colleagues on a global level to promote MOSAIC and to strengthen the message all ERGs are working toward.

Nielsen was ranked 25th in the National Diversity Awards for 2017 in the U.K. This has put us on the map from an employer branding perspective, and it really resonates with both internal and external talent. In addition, our MOSAIC executive sponsor was invited to the House of Lords to discuss diversity and inclusion issues in the U.K. On a more personal level, I had the privilege to attend the annual ERG Leadership Summit in Chicago in 2017, where I met our CEO and had the chance to speak with him personally. It has been a surreal experience given I have worked for Nielsen just over a year. It has shown me that there are no limits and that the opportunities in our company are endless.