What Integrity Means for Nielsen in the Middle East

Hammad serves as Key Strategic Programs Leader, and is based in our office in the United Arab Emirates. Hammad also volunteers as an Integrity Ambassador, which gives him the opportunity to increase awareness about reporting integrity concerns and help stop issues from arising.

My experience as an Integrity Ambassador started with a town hall meeting, which gave me the opportunity to share our global focus on integrity with a broad audience across the area I cover. I only got 10 minutes on that first agenda, but the enthusiasm and the interest were extraordinary. We had associates engaging with each other on everything from how to report integrity concerns to what qualifies as an integrity issue. I was able to share examples that resonated with the group. One of these examples was a scenario where a group of commercial associates were talking in the elevator about revenue numbers, not thinking about how they might be exposing sensitive information.

We hosted five more sessions after that first one, focusing each time on what integrity means both broadly and for specific functions such as commercial teams, field auditors and operations leaders. These sessions gave us an opportunity to maximize our associates’ understanding of what integrity means for them, and how to report any concerns they might have. The best part of my role as an Integrity Ambassador is seeing this engagement and enthusiasm from associates talking about what integrity means for them individually, and for our business. So far, we have reached out to more than 1,000 associates within the region.

We’re also focusing on engaging team leaders and managers, as associates often reach out to their managers to report integrity issues. It’s important for us to proactively train them on how to handle these discussions and the steps to take when integrity concerns have been raised.

I was already a part of our local Integrity Council when this opportunity to become an Integrity Ambassador for my region came up, so it was a natural fit. I work on an Operations team, so I already enjoy engaging with a wide range of different people and teams. In different roles I’ve had at Nielsen, I’ve been part of investigations processes in the past, which has been valuable experience to have in this role as an Integrity Ambassador. All of these activities have motivated me to continue my journey within the program to increase awareness and help stop potential integrity issues.