Boomeranging Back to Nielsen

Joshua is a Senior Client Manager on our Retailer Services team in the U.K. Joshua recently returned to work at Nielsen after a short stint at one of the top manufacturers in the U.K. and Europe. He now supports one of the U.K.’s biggest retailers and plans to stay with Nielsen over the long term.

I recently returned to Nielsen after a short stint at a top U.K. and European manufacturer. While I greatly valued the experience, the exposure I gained and the insight into how many of our clients operate, I found myself longing to return. As the old proverb goes: “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

I was quite unprepared for how leaving Nielsen would make me feel, but the time away allowed me to have both a professional and personal epiphany. What had not been apparent or appreciated by me previously came into focus and reminded me why I enjoyed working at Nielsen. This has given me a renewed sense of purpose in building my long term career with the company.   

Since returning, I have found Nielsen’s culture as vibrant, supportive, progressive and creative as it was before I left. However, if I could pinpoint just one word that for me encompasses so much that is right about Nielsen, it would be freedom. With this freedom comes a great deal of trust. Whether through creative problem solving, delivering presentations to senior stakeholders, owning client relationships, or defining your next career move, Nielsen is built around a sense of openness that allows people to flourish and develop.

The people also represent an important element that defines Nielsen’s culture. I feel proud to work in a company that operates with receptive and approachable leaders, with colleagues who respect each other and work collaboratively, and people who are committed to working in smarter, more flexible and rewarding ways. At Nielsen, there is a strong emphasis on well-being and work-life balance. Before officially re-joining, I was presented with two extremely exciting options, one of which involved international travel. I loved that Nielsen provided me with two options and respected that the option involving travel wasn’t the right one, given that I had recently become a father and didn’t want to be away from home very much. Nielsen held my personal happiness in such a high regard, and that inspires me to deliver my absolute best for the company.

Strangely, I’ve found that returning to Nielsen has widened my internal network and opened my eyes to the hundreds of exciting different career opportunities that Nielsen associates have. I’m excited about my future with Nielsen, and hopefully when my young son starts to allow me to sleep more, I can think more realistically about international travel.