Working and Playing Smart at Nielsen

Jean-Baptiste (JB) is a Business Manager on our Retail Consulting and Analytics team, based in Montreal, Canada. During his last six years at Nielsen, JB has been able to take calculated risks, innovate and gain inspiration from his colleagues from around the world.

My mantra in life is work smart, play smart, and Nielsen has given me many opportunities to fulfill this motto. I joined Nielsen’s Retail Services team in Montreal, Canada, six years ago, and my journey has been full of varied experiences that have helped me learn different skills and grow as a person. I have always been curious about life, people and places. My curiosity has taken me to live and work in six different countries and visit 20 more. The challenge of confronting, understanding and adapting to different cultures and work environments has always fascinated me, and Nielsen has provided me avenues to live this passion. Working in our company has allowed me to meet and work with inspiring colleagues and leaders around the globe. In fact, as I write this, I’m doing a short-term assignment in Nairobi, Kenya, as Retail Service Lead for East Africa, supported by an amazing local team!

The other equally important aspect for me in my job is the ability and freedom to work in an environment that pushes you to take calculated risks. Failures are part of the learning process. And at Nielsen, you’re fully encouraged to try! My first client presentation at a major Canadian retailer was a failure. The category manager I presented to told me that my analysis was irrelevant and that I had completely missed the point, which was quite the feedback for my first presentation. Despite the harsh feedback, my manager at that time backed me up 100%, and we went back a week later to present to the same client. On that second visit, the outcome was very successful. This gave me confidence in my work and my company. Since then, Nielsen has continued to allow me to challenge the status quo, try something different, fail and most importantly, get up and try again!

An innovative culture is another aspect that keeps me motivated. Innovation has always been a part of Nielsen’s DNA, and the latest Nielsen initiatives, like the Marketing Cloud and Connected System, demonstrate it fully. I have experienced this culture by being part of the beta testing team for Nielsen’s future applications for the Connected System.  Besides that, I’m developing and delivering new solutions for retailers in my current role on the retail analytics team in Canada. There’s always something new that the company is working on that will make the future of marketing measurement stronger and will take us deeper into the world of consumer insights. This information not only helps our clients but also gives back to the communities in which we live and work.

Nielsen has allowed me to pursue my path and helped me grow by providing freedom, support and guidance. Even after spending more than half a decade with the company, I still come to work each day with the curiosity and desire to discover something newsomething that will make a difference while staying true to myself and my passions.