Making an Impact For Consumers Across Generations

Ronjan is the Vice President for our Digital Media Analytics team , based in our New York City office. In this role, he and his team design and deliver insights and analytics to solve problems for our clients. Ronjan’s fascination with consumer behavior has helped him make an impact in the marketplace.

Be the voice of the consumer.

Over my 13-year journey at Nielsen, I’ve tried my hand at new product forecasting, e-commerce measurement, social media listening and media analytics. Throughout this time, I’ve always kept the voice of the consumer in mind. I’ve also made it a priority to represent that voice in order to help our clients and the industry meet their needs.

Growing up, consumer behavior and market research always fascinated me. I’ve always wondered: How do they find out “the leading brand” they reference on  those paper towel commercials? How did Casey Kasem know the top songs people listened to on the radio? And how did Nielsen magically know how many people were watching my favorite shows on TV?

Consumer behavior has also always excited me on a cultural level. I believe that the choices and decisions we make tell us something about our society. This is especially true in times of innovation and change, like today, when new technologies and trends gain popularity and ultimately hit the mainstream.

My passion for understanding consumers affords me the opportunity to make an impact in the marketplace. Whether it’s hearing consumer feedback about product improvement and innovation, understanding why consumers began shopping online for groceries, or diving into the dynamics of how digital distribution can transform the video experience for consumers, I help bring clarity to an increasingly confusing landscape.

It’s wonderful to delight clients, but I particularly enjoy when we aim even higher by considering how can we use our data, insights and analytics to impact and connect people everyday. Enter Nielsen Generation (N-GEN), an employee resource group that started in China and expanded  to the U.S. in 2017. This group helps different generations understand each other and relate to one another more effectively.

Generational differences have existed as long as generations have, but consumer behavior across generations is one of Nielsen’s core stories right now. As both content and brand options continue to expand and fragment, younger generations watch different programming, use different devices and purchase different brands than older generations.

With this in mind, Nielsen and N-GEN have launched a thought leadership series, Millennials on Millennials, to help understand how Millennials are both similar and different to older generations with the expertise and nuance that Millennials themselves can unpack. We’ve learned that Millennials don’t inherently hate ads, that social media celebrities are “real” celebrities, and that visual messaging is replacing text messaging for younger audiences. Millennials may watch less linear television than older generations, but they are just as active with screens and video. We’ve also learned that digital audio streaming services aren’t  cannibalizing terrestrial radio.

While these insights can be helpful for clients, I believe we’re highlighting the story of a generation. We’re reclaiming a narrative and using the combination of data and perspective to essentially be the voice of the consumer. It’s a critical mission that Nielsen enables, and it’s one that I’m proud to be a part of.