Episode 24. From the Marines to Agencies – David (EVP, Client Business Partner, Agency Solutions, NYC)

Episode 24 of the Nielsen Experience Podcast features David, our Executive Vice President for our Client Business Partner team for Agency Solutions, based in New York City.

David transitioned from the Marines to corporate America and worked in a number of different industries before establishing a career in digital agencies. David heard about Nielsen through his work with these agencies and decided to join the company in 2013. Since then, David has been responsible for partnering with our agency clients and making sure they understand how our data and analytics can help their business.

In this episode, David shares his experience going from the Marines to corporate America, as well as the leadership and teamwork approach he’s taken with him along the way. He also shares his involvement with Support and Employee Resources for Veterans (SERV) and how he is supporting the wider veteran community.

“Right from the very first day you arrive at bootcamp, the first thing they do is take away all of the individual things and sort of break you down to be able to react and respond immediately but also as a part of a team. There’s no concept of ‘I.’ You’re not even allowed to say ‘I need to do’ or ‘May I.’ It’s ‘this recruit,’” says David. “The intent there is to drive that concept of teamwork, because you’re only as fast as your slowest man or, in Nielsen’s case, slowest team member. So having everyone on the team engaged in both the mission of the team and helping each other achieve those objectives is incredibly important. That’s sort of the leadership concept that I’ve continued  to live by and operate with inside the corporate world. Nielsen is a strong proponent of that.”

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