Discovering New Adventures at Nielsen

Jasmine is a finance business partner for our Global Watch Operations team, based in New York City. Jasmine joined Nielsen’s Financial Leadership Program in 2009 and has since created a true work “family” while developing both personally and professionally in the organization.

I’ve never been a person who easily committed to doing just one thing. I’ve always had a host of interests, and I love saying yes to new ideas and adventures. After graduating from Dartmouth in 2009, I was afraid I’d have a hard time settling down in one job in one place, but joining Nielsen’s Emerging Leaders Program eased my fears. Rotating through various jobs in finance, with different management styles, in different U.S. cities, was just what I needed coming out of college.

While the rotational structure was certainly helpful, what helped me adapt was the many personalities of my fellow financial leadership program associates. They help me develop my work style and navigate through the twists and turns of joining a company. Since graduating the program, we’ve all stayed in touch and provided support through babies, weddings, fantasy football wins and losses, reunion trips, new jobs, and new cities. It’s great to know that we can all come back to that core group for reassurance when taking on a new adventure or thinking through a problem in our personal and professional lives.

After the program, my curiosity and desire to explore new opportunities continued—and stretched beyond pure finance. During my time on the corporate audit staff team, I was given the opportunity to consistently travel internationally for four years. During this time, I learned about various cultures, work styles, food (especially the food!), and landmarks that I think have changed my personal outlook and made me a better person. The travel bug in me truly began here, and it’s poured over into my personal life. I just can’t get enough of seeing and embracing new places!

In addition to being able to travel, Nielsen allowed me to use my passions to make a difference in the work environment. In my first year at Nielsen, I was introduced to our Employee Resource Group, SABLE (Sustaining Active Black Leadership and Empowerment), and quickly found more members to add to my work family. I got involved in projects like our Diverse Intelligence Series of thought leadership reports and our recruitment plans for diversity within the organization. I also joined Nielsen Cares, which gave me dedicated time to volunteer at organizations that have made a huge impact on my life. While career advancement is important, I am grateful to work for a company that allows me to incorporate my passions and give back to the community that helped me growing up.

Overall, Nielsen keeps me on my toes and keeps me interested. I’ve been here over eight years, and each year starts a new journey with my work family. Whether it’s adjusting my work-life balance as I expand my immediate family, crossing off my 20th traveled-to country, or trying to find creative productivity ideas during an operating plan season, no day is the same, and I love it!