Episode 23. Reflecting on 10 Years at Nielsen – Carly (VP Global Lead, Total Consumer, NYC)

Episode 23 of the Nielsen Experience Podcast features Carly, our Vice President Global Lead of our Total Consumer Initiative, based in New York City.

Carly started her career in our Emerging Leaders Program and has spent the last 10 years in various roles in Sales and Product Leadership. Carly is now responsible for the development of Nielsen’s Total Consumer strategy, which is one of the most critical pieces of our Buy business.

In this episode, we reflect on Carly’s decade-long career at Nielsen. She also shares her current work on Nielsen’s total consumer initiative and the impact it will have on our fast-moving consumer goods clients.

“I think that it’s part luck, but I feel pretty confident saying—since I know I work hard and I think I’ve been a great fit for this company—that I’ve just been really fortunate to explore within one place. That’s one of the biggest drivers for why I’ve remained at Nielsen [for 10 years] because the company has created a set of paths where I’ve been able to move around and explore my own interests through this safety net of a company that I’m very loyal to.”

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