Episode 21. Flexibility at Nielsen – Funda (Operational Excellence Consultant, Istanbul, Turkey)

Episode 21 of the Nielsen Experience Podcast features Funda, the Operational Excellence Consultant for our Global Consumer Insights and Innovation (CI&I) team based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Funda joined Nielsen in 2011 as a Translation Coordinator and has spent the last six years growing within our organization. In her current role, she is responsible for global adoption and usage for Continuous Digitization and Reinvention (C-DAR), one of the five accelerators for end-to-end digitization, for our Global CI&I Operations team. She was also one of the first members of our Nielsen Cares and Women in Nielsen chapters in Turkey.

In this episode, we explore Funda’s journey to Nielsen, and the ways she has grown both personally and professionally during her six years with the company. She also talks about her longest and most important role, motherhood, and how Nielsen has given her the flexibility to work hard and spend time with her children.

“If you don’t count motherhood, my time at Nielsen has been the longest in my two-decade career. The most important criteria for me has been flexibility, and that’s what kept me at Nielsen all these years. At the time I joined Nielsen, my boys were five and seven so they were pretty much dependent on their parents. For me, as a working mother, not being tied to a strict schedule gave me an enormous opportunity to be with my kids whenever they needed me and do my job later in the day or even at night. Knowing that I would only be judged by the quality of the job that I delivered helped me manage my time, which actually in turn, helped me thrive. I did not miss a single school event during my kids’ elementary school years, which was really important to me. At the same time, I not only did my day job, but I kept getting stretch assignments, and on top of that I was able to volunteer for Nielsen Cares, Women in Nielsen, and Nielsen Green team.”

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