Episode 20. From the Air Force to the Workforce – Lisa (Global Risk Leader, Oldsmar, FL)

Episode 20 of the Nielsen Experience Podcast features Lisa, our Global Risk Leader, based in Oldsmar, FL.

Before joining Nielsen in 2013, Lisa was a part of the Air Force and held a few project management and consultant positions. In her current role, she is responsible for and implements cyber security risk awareness programs for Nielsen associates worldwide. She also is a member of two of our employee resource groups (ERGs)— Support and Employee Resources for Veterans (SERV), of which she is a co-lead, and Women in Nielsen (WIN).

In this episode, we explore Lisa’s experiences growing up in a military family, her work with the Air Force, and what she’s learned throughout her career. She also shares all of the fun projects she is working on both in her role, as well as with SERV’s Southeast chapter.

“I think veterans tend to look for job openings that match their skills really closely, and that limits them unnecessarily. One of the greatest strengths in the military is flexibility and overcoming obstacles. In fact, an informal slogan to the Air Force is: ‘Flexibility is the key to airpower.’ Another slogan is: ‘Adapt and overcome.’ So, all this means is veterans might sell themselves short and should be encouraged to apply for more positions, even if their skills don’t match the job requisition 100%. They can grow into the position; it’s the ability to learn, adapt and adjust, and that core strength of flexibility makes it possible for us to be successful in every position that we attain.

“Once a veteran is hired (at Nielsen), I would strongly recommend that they link up with their local SERV chapter. The ERG network is helpful in finding answers, connections and ways to engage, in addition to the daily job tasks, and that’s important for veterans.”

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