Episode 19. Immersing in Nielsen’s Culture – Santosh (Program Manager, Oldsmar, FL)

Episode 19 of the Nielsen Experience Podcast features Santosh, our Program Manager for Engineering, based in Oldsmar, FL.

Santosh joined Nielsen three years ago as a Project Manager and has since grown his career on our Engineering team. He currently manages engineering projects that span across all of our digital portfolios. In our discussion, Santosh shares how he has evolved his career on the Engineering team and talks about his experience as a leader for our Employee Resource Group (ERG), Asian Affinity Link (AAL) and the Nielsen Green team in the Southeast U.S. region.

“When I came to Nielsen in the Global Technology and Information Center (GTIC), there was definitely a big ERG presence. I went to one of these meet and greets to learn about ERGs really early on and obviously got interested in AAL because I’m of Indian origin and I thought it sounded cool. They were doing cultural type of events, and I always want to learn. What I found out, and what I find out all the time with Nielsen, is that sometimes when you are a helpful volunteer, it can turn into other things. There’s always more need for volunteers. It was just a lucky thing that the co-lead for the Southeast chapter of AAL at the time was moving to a different role in the company, and they had an opening, and I was one of the primary volunteers. So they asked me to start co-leading the Southeast chapter.

“So, why did I decide to take on the opportunity? I’ve always been one of these people that have said that if a good opportunity or a semi-good opportunity comes your way, do your best to take it, if possible and if you think you can do it well. So I took it, I jumped in, and I’ve had a blast for almost three years now.”

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