Growing My Career In Field Operations At Nielsen

Tanner is a Field Manager, based in Atlanta, Ga. Since he joined Nielsen, Tanner has seized many development opportunities that have helped him grow his career within our Field Operations team.

Three years ago, I had just graduated from college and started what I thought was a promising career in television and radio broadcasting. After some time, I realized I wasn’t happy and needed a change. Coincidentally, a  former colleague in similar circumstances had just started a new job at Nielsen, and while in training, was already singing the company’s praises. He told me four words that changed my life: “There’s another position open.”

I showed up to my interview for the Field Representative position in a three-piece suit, with little knowledge of what I would be doing. Looking back, I was probably overdressed, but I’m happy I dressed for success because I received an offer for the job  and was soon off to Nielsen’s Global Technology and Information Center (GTIC) in Florida for training.

During training, I felt immediately immersed in Nielsen’s culture and realized why my former colleague was so happy to be with this company. I was also told by many others at the company that it was a great time to be here because there were so many options to advance both personally and professionally. That inspired me to make a career with Nielsen. I seized every opportunity that I could, and I tried to go beyond expectations in all of my tasks and projects. I continued to be an active member of my team and the Field Operations department. In line with my goals, I set priorities for myself: To consistently deliver beyond expectations and deliver the best quality in all aspects of my position. I successfully met those objectives, and that led me to fulfill my short-term career goal of receiving a promotion with the company.

Now, I am a Field Manager in Atlanta and I believe my promotion represents the quality of work I provided as a Field Representative. As a Field Manager, I want to provide career advancement and development to the members of my team, if they are open to it. I want my team to know that I will support their career goals and take care of them.

If you would have asked me three years ago where I would be working, Nielsen would not even have been on the list. Once I learned about the company, however, the advancement possibilities within Nielsen truly inspired me to start and grow my career here. Since Day One, I have met countless individuals who have worked at this company longer than I have been alive. It showed me that Nielsen provides and encourages growth for their employees. I’m grateful for the opportunities presented to me, and I look forward to many more.