Developing as a Leader Through Nielsen Cares

Juliane is a Client Service Director based in Melbourne, Australia. In 2011, she stumbled upon Nielsen Cares, and has since led many global and local initiatives. Juliane’s involvement in Nielsen’s Global Responsibility & Sustainability efforts has helped her develop as a leader and find purpose both at work and in life.

When I raised my hand to join the local Nielsen Cares team in Melbourne in 2011, I was curious to try something new. My involvement wasn’t planned, however. I was open to giving it a try at the time, but I didn’t know much about Corporate Social Responsibility or what it entails. Five years later, my involvement in Nielsen Cares has become an important part of my career and something I’ve become very passionate about.

In my first year, I helped organize a variety of volunteering events and got involved in Nielsen’s first ever global volunteering day – Nielsen Global Impact Day (NGID). I was still new to Nielsen, and being a part of Nielsen Cares gave me a great opportunity to make connections with colleagues across teams, business units and offices. Not long after the first Global Impact Day, I accepted the challenge to lead the local committee, and soon after that, I found myself sharing our Nielsen Cares achievements and impact regularly alongside our Managing Director at Nielsen’s Melbourne office. That’s when I realized that being part of the Nielsen Cares team actually helped me develop as a leader. As my career progressed, I was able to put my leadership skills to good use, with a reach far beyond the office, and toward our local communities.

From here, I went on to lead a different Nielsen Cares initiatives for Hunger Action Month, and in 2015, I helped lead our fifth Nielsen Global Impact Day. These amazing experiences have connected me with Nielsen colleagues around the world, have provided me with fantastic learning opportunities, helped me understand cultural nuances and exposed me to all sides of our business. My involvement has not only helped me grow, but it has also allowed me to find purpose in my work that is closely connected to my personal values. Seeing how the primary Nielsen Cares causes fit with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, adopted by global leaders around the world in 2015, was a real moment of truth for me. Today I am proud to be a member of the Nielsen Cares Global Council. In this role, I help highlight the impact and achievements that the Nielsen associates in my region make and help shape the future of Corporate Social Responsibility at Nielsen.

This year I had the chance to visit New York City for the first time. I have been wanting to visited the United Nations building for a long time, so it was exciting to admire the architecture as much as the work that goes on inside. I left feeling very energized and excited about the Nielsen Cares initiatives we have planned ahead!