Making The Band: Using Music To Bring People Together At Nielsen

Thi has worked with Nielsen’s Input Operations team in Vietnam for three years. Thi is responsible for the integrity and security of the data for our clients. He’s also one of the founding members of the official band of Nielsen’s Vietnam office. Being in the band allows Thi to be himself and build unique connections with other employees in the company. 

The idea for starting a band within Nielsen popped up when I found a group of people in our Ho Chi Minh City office who had the same interest in music as me. Most of the songs we perform fall under the New Age category, but some are more traditional songs. Yet while our musical preferences are similar, the band is very diverse! Members represent several teams, are at various levels in their careers and come from different generations.

Initially, we thought we’d grab some time at the beginning or end of the workday to jam together. We really weren’t thinking about performing. The first day of practice was awesome; we came to the office early on a Friday to enjoy some songs and start our day.

While our focus isn’t being on stage, we had discussed the potential to raise funds for a charity within the company. So we were excited when our office’s “Fun Committee” approached us about participating in Nielsen’s Global Impact Day—a day of volunteering observed by Nielsen employees around the world every year. We really wanted the show to be professional, so we approached this differently than our regular practices. We spent a lot of time getting to know each other and even came into the office over the weekend to get in some extra practice.

The show for Nielsen Global Impact Day turned out great and was a lot of fun! Since then, we’ve been thinking about where to take the band next. But we’re definitely going to have it live on and keep it active.

The band adds a lot to my Nielsen experience. Being in the band allows me bring myself to the office in a very different way. And it’s been great having support from above—the Managing Director of Nielsen Vietnam has jammed with us! Even my boss, the Director of Input Operations, allows me take time to refresh and play the guitar in one of the meeting rooms.

The band has also allowed me to give back to the Nielsen community and engage with others on a very different level. I’ve had a chance to find friends who have helped me through difficult times. And I now feel like I have more people that I can share both my good days and bad days with.

Nielsen Band’s cover of Green Day’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends” at Nielsen Global Impact Day