The Opportunities For Growth In Greater China

Linda is a Senior Specialist for our Global Operations team in China. After only six months at Nielsen, she has participated in several challenging projects and developed solutions that have positively affected our clients and our people. 

After growing up and attending university in Australia, I came to China looking for opportunities to advance my career. After working in marketing for a couple of small companies, I started exploring companies that could widen my scope of possibilities and encourage me to take risks and grow. Given my long-standing interest in market analysis and research, Nielsen was a perfect match.

With only six months at Nielsen, I’ve already had the opportunity to be involved in global client projects, lead our corporate social responsibility efforts and be on the startup panel of Nielsen’s latest Employee Resource Group. At Nielsen, I feel my ideas count and any change I want to make is possible.

I currently support Nielsen’s Global International Delivery Center team, where I look after global tracking projects for large consumer goods clients in China. Being the first and only point of contact in my country allows me to work closely with over 10 global clients and stay connected with people all over the world looking for better and faster solutions.

When I was in college, I thought I was going to apply what I studied at work, but at Nielsen, it’s like college never ended. We receive trainings every single month, resources are always at our fingertips, and there are many opportunities to get involved in special projects that impact our associates, clients and communities.

The opportunities to grow are tremendous both inside and outside of Nielsen. Inside the company, I absorb things all the time, promote change and get involved in new challenges every day. And I’m inspired by others around me—you literally see people grow from being Analysts to Vice Presidents here.

Outside of my job, I have an incredible opportunity to explore this amazing, unique country. China is a wonderful and fast-paced country, where new things and developments are always taking place.