Leveraging Curiosity To Drive Personal And Professional Growth

Meghan is an Associate Client Manager, based in San Francisco. During the last two years, she developed her analytical skills, lived in different cities, and achieved both her personal and professional goals.

When I joined Nielsen as an analyst two and a half years ago, I remember feeling like a freshman on the first day of college. I was so blown away by the immense array of areas we specialize in, Employee Resource Groups we support and diversity we promote. In a company of more than 40,000 employees around the world, I was unsure of how I would ever be able to learn all the parts of our business or make a real impact.

I immersed myself quickly. I signed up for every skill development training I could (and there are many at Nielsen!),  joined our mentorship program and helped develop a networking group for young professionals. I always jumped on the opportunity to grab coffee with associates from areas I didn’t know much about, which simultaneously satisfied my curiosity and built my network. I also participated in volunteer events thrown by Nielsen Cares, our global corporate social responsibility program.

Growing with Nielsen has extended well beyond developing my business smarts and analytical skills. I’ve been able to move across the country to San Francisco, a city I always wanted to live in. I’ve embraced my love of health and fitness by leading the corporate wellness program for my office.

I’ve had the opportunity to spend two days in New York brainstorming the future of Nielsen in an innovation workshop that brought together associates from all over the country. This workshop allowed us to step back from our daily routines and turn our expertise into ideas on how to make our company grow more nimbly. We were then able to pitch these ideas to leading executives and, over the last year, see many of our concepts turned to reality.

Through initiatives like these, I’ve been introduced to brilliant colleagues, listened to thought-provoking speakers and developed skills that have shaped the way I think through and solve problems.

I’ve been consistently amazed at Nielsen’s dedication to helping me realize and achieve my goals, wherever they may be.